Paper Towels - 6 Rolls - Subscription


What is one of the first things you see, walking into your kitchen, next to your sink? Paper towels! Have you ever been proud of your paper towels? How about excited? We are! Our new 100% recycled, 2 ply, thick and absorbent select-a-size paper towels not only look elegant, but they support microloans for female entrepreneurs! This is a way to bring some Susty style and spirit into your everyday life at home. So grab a roll and keep checking off that shopping list. Our paper towels are spill-tested by us personally, and with 140 sheets per roll, they last surprisingly long. A little mess or big mess is no match for Susty’s party picker-upers! 

Running out of this household essential is the worst, so our super cool subscription service allows you to save 40% (what!) on every roll. Don’t fret if you unravel the last sheet from a roll, you’re stocked with Susty paper towels for days! (Holla!) You can also cancel, modify or skip a monthly delivery at any time.

  • Recycled + Renewable: sustainably harvested paper, 100% recycled, 50% post-consumer waste
  • Non Toxic: elemental chlorine free, food-contact approved
  • Compostable: biodegrades in a home compost or can be recycled with paper
  • Made in USA: proudly manufactured in the US