18 oz Clear Cups - Grey - 116 cups


Imagine you’ve put together all the pieces, from food to flowers, for a beautiful celebration of your best friend’s engagement, sister’s baby shower, parents’ anniversary, or little one’s first birthday. Everyone is painted with smiles and raises a drink to toast the occasion, with red SOLO cups - wait what?! You’re not in college any more, or don’t want to be, so we made our plastic-free grey star print cup for ordinary and extraordinary celebrations. Sip in style and feel good about using plant based cups made right here in The Empire State. Cheers to the Susty cup - our answer to the SOLO cup!

  • Compostable: biodegrades in a commercial compost, but facilities may not exist in your area yet
  • Non Toxic: elemental chlorine free, no plastics
  • Renewable: sustainably harvested, corn based PLA. keep these disposable cups cool, they melt above 100 F
  • Made in USA: proudly manufactured in New York