13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Garbage Bag - 12 Bags - Subscription


You probably never thought you’d look forward to trash day or spring cleaning, but we know you will now! Finally, trash bags worthy of your beautiful home. Our plastic-free, premium, super-sturdy, biodegradable garbage bags can even make it fun (gasp!) to carry scraps from the kitchen to the curb. This 13 gallon garbage bag fits perfectly in tall kitchen waste bins. As tested by us personally, it not only holds the heaviest after-party loads, it also adds joy! This waste bag is made from plants not plastic, so you can feel good knowing that it will biodegrade when composting in a commercial facility or even in the trash, it won't last forever like plastic does. And, perhaps the best part of all, a portion of proceeds funds microloans for female entrepreneurs through our partnership with Whole Planet Foundation. Who knew waste bags could make you feel so... happy?
  • Compostable: in a commercial compost
  • Non Toxic: elemental chlorine free, BPA-free, no plastics or harmful chemicals
  • Renewable: made from sustainably harvested plant materials