6" Square Bagasse Dessert Plate - 50 plates


Have you been a victim of “flimsy-plate food-drop”? You know, when it’s finally your turn to get food and you add salad, a sandwich, or a piece of cake to your paper plate, you know, like how plates were made to be used, but then the dressing starts dripping over the sides or the plate starts to buckle under the weight of your meal, and chaos ensues, food hits the floor! Next time pick a sturdy bagasse plate, and forget the balancing act. Made from the remains of crushed sugarcane, these plates don’t bend or break when you load them with hot or cold, liquid or food. Their unique square shape is perfect for an elegant garden party or any afternoon picnic!

Heat Tolerance: Good for anything below freezing or up to 220 F.

  • Compostable: certified to compost in an industrial compost facility, via ASTM D6868 and EN 13432, verified by Biodegradable Products Institute.
  • Non Toxic: plastic-free, elemental chlorine free, and no harmful chemicals.
  • Renewable: made from bagasse, a rapidly renewable sugarcane stalk.