Fall Panzanella Salad - Bread + Salad. »

A salad is a great side dish but doesn’t always have what it takes to be a main course. I know I’m not the only one who ends up craving carbs after eating salad... With bread toasted in olive oil, roasted squash, and cheese, this salad can stand alone, on a Square Susty Plate. Bring this recipe to your Thanksgiving meal for a healthy option to have alongside all the other temptations - I'm looking at you second helping of mash potatoes and buffet of pies. What better way to serve up this salad than on Susty Party Square Bagasse Dessert... »

It's a Smoothie Party! Susty X Daily Harvest Smoothie Time. »

Is the colder weather keeping you from trekking outside your home or office in search of delicious food? We say go with it and make yummy food indoors that reminds you of sunnier times. :) We joined forces with the smoothie experts at Daily Harvest to show you how to throw the perfect, most stylin', and eco friendly smoothie bowl party that will leave your guests happy and healthy.   Just add some Susty and a few extra toppings to Daily Harvest's ready-to-blend smoothies, and you've got everything you need for a smoothie bowl party perfect for Sunday brunch, a morning office treat or any time friends want... »

Pumpkin Spiced S'mores Pops! »

We’re giving your pumpkin dessert dreams a Susty inspired makeover with these Pumpkin Spiced S’mores Pops! Perfect for dancing and dining, because who has time to sit and savor when you’re really celebrating!? These Pops are ready to get rowdy, perched on our paper party picks and look darn beautiful displayed on a Susty plate. Vegan marshmallows dipped in rich dark chocolate with a pumpkin spiced graham cracker crust, oh-yeah, we bet you can’t eat just one! Pumpkin Spiced S’mores Pops [makes 18 pops] For this recipe you will need 18 party picks.  1 cup dark chocolate chips 1 tablespoon coconut oil... »

Rustic Tomato Basil Bisque »

With the cold days of late fall & winter approaching, it’s time to get serious about making food to keep us warm. We’re huge fans of the classic tomato soup and grilled cheese combo, so we’ve gone & done that with a few added touches. Time to cozy up with a Susty bowl full of our favorite seasonal soup. The bisque is extremely creamy, with a nice twang from tawny port & goat cheese. We’ve left the chunks of tomatoes in to give it more body, and paired it with a simple grilled cheese made by grilling two slices of ciabatta in butter with white... »

Banana, Pear & Parsley Fall Smoothie »

Most people think of parsley as not much more than a garnish on their plates.  Think again!  Parsley is a breath freshening, nutrient dense, diabetes preventing, immune supporting powerhouse! Antioxidant rich pomegranate seeds give this recipe an extra cold-fighting boost.  And as cold and flu season approaches, who couldn’t use a little extra immune support? This green smoothie is a great way to incorporate parsley into your diet.  And, while there's nothing spiked about these, a Susty cocktail straw is a perfect way to take in all those nutrients! Ingredients: 2 frozen bananas 2/3 cup parsley leaves (not packed) 1 pear 2/3 cup nut milk (I prefer... »

Susty Party Launches Exclusive Holiday Party Tableware Collection for Whole Foods Market® »

Susty Party Brings Eco-Friendly, Certified Compostable, Disposable Party Tableware for this Holiday Season, Exclusively to Whole Foods Market. From Ugly Sweater Parties to Lunch After Thanksgiving, the Holiday Collection Features Festive Products to use at Home and On the Go! Susty Party, a company that creates stylish disposable party tableware featured on “Shark Tank” and “The View,” is bringing a unique Holiday Collection of stylish eco-friendly party tableware to Whole Foods Market (WFM), the leading natural and organic grocer. WFM is the exclusive retailer for Susty Party’s limited edition Holiday Collection of dinner plates, napkins, cutlery, straws & to-go cups.... »

Teeny Tiny Ice Cream Cups »

We love our lil 2 oz. cups because they're perf for portion control! But mostly they're perfect for if you have multiple desserts, ya know? Trying one of everything, like you mean it! They're great for passing ice cream out at work. And not to be all MAKE THIS ICE CREAM, but make this ice cream. It's Bourbon Gingersnap and it's a dream. The recipe is over here. »

Harvest Ice Cream Sundae »

You probably thought ice cream season was over but this Harvest Sundae recipe will make you think again!  You'll be serving up Susty bowls piled high with this sweet Potato Ice Cream featuring notes of cinnamon, cloves.   There are few desserts as comforting as an ice cream sundae: cold ice cream, warm fudge sauce, and crunchy sweet toppings, all come together into a bowl of delicious relaxation, especially after a long day.  For this sundae, we’ve combined the comfort of ice cream with the flavors of autumn to create a dessert that's the perfect way to wind down when you want something sweet.... »

Sweet Spud Sliders »

With our autumn appetites in full swing, what better time to throw a Susty Party?  Taking our favorite dog day bites and giving them an autumnal twist, we’re serving up Sweet Spud Sliders! These babies are packed to the brim with cozy and nourishing sweet potatoes, creamy white beans, and a healthful side of protein and fiber.  Their the perfect afternoon bites to serve for your football Sunday fans - all that watching can make you hungry. :)  Plus with Susty plates & napkins theirs no cleanup! Don’t forget to top yours with ALL the condiments (maybe some pickles &... »

Maple Pecan Banana Muffins »

When it comes to baked goods, I typically prefer gluten.  Some things are just sacred.  But these muffins might convert me...The banana and the egg make these muffins hold together in a way that gluten-free treats can’t usually manage.  They're super moist, not to mention absolutely delicious and healthy.  You could even eat them for breakfast!I served them up on the Susty Party Grey Party Pack, put a paper straw in a glass of milk and ate two in one sitting.  But you could always split them up with a wooden Susty knife and share...Time to learn how to make these cat approved muffins you'll actually... »