Susty Party on Katie Couric »

We were lucky enough to have products from our new line included in Katie Couric's Swag Bag! Katie stated, "I love this company; it's called Susty Party and they create paper products that are compostable, non-toxic, and made right here in the United States. Everyone is going to go home with their plates, napkins, straws, and cups with the goal of improving the environment, one party at a time." We had so much fun at the taping of the show. Katie is a talk show rock star! »

Susty Party on Good Morning America! »

Ciao Bella Gelato used our Susty Party straws in their Frosted Strawberry Limonata Sorbetto Cocktails yesterday on Good Morning America Live! Click here to watch the clip. »

Forbes Profile on Susty Party »

Forbes knows that Susty Party compostable tableware is here to rival those red plastic party cups. We couldn't agree more. It's time for a compostable tableware iconic cup! Check the Forbes profile on Susty Party to hear the full story. » Brooklyn on Susty »

"Starting a company with a basic idea that fulfills a need can pivot into one that influences a whole industry. Susty Party started simply and now is an 8-person team with $1 million in annual revenues selling compostable supplies." - Brooklyn

Susty Straws in Purely Elizabeth Magazine »

Vanilla rose sparklers for garden party cocktails! Our striped Susty straws are featured in the Purely Spring Magazine by Purely Elizabeth. Click here to view the issue. P.S. Be sure to try Purely Elizabeth's amazing granola! It's definitely a favorite snack at Susty HQ. »

Whole Living »

“WELL PLATED. Made of tapioca, potato starch, and grass fibers, these compostable plates are safe for the oven, microwave and freezer.”

Mashable »

"In the past few years, sustainable products have started to have more personality. Our world is shifting toward sustainability now — which is awesome! We feel that this movement towards sustainable lifestyles will continue to spark creativity, celebration and delight."

Check the full Mashable piece here.

Susty Party Cups on Top Chef »

Susty Party has been moving and shaking a lot these past few weeks. We were featured as the Item of the Day on Hello Giggles, The Guardian wrote an article about us, and Top Chef used our party cups in their November 13 episode, "Jazz Hands"! Look for the cups about 22 minutes in. »

HelloGiggles »

"You can party completely guilt free since all of Susty Party’s products are compostable, made in the USA, and non-toxic!"