2 oz. Cups of your Dreams »

These petite lil 2 oz. cups are perfect for so much! I wanna use them for dunking french toast in maple syrup or fries in ketchup or even peanut sauce for summer rolls.  Let's be real tho, they could also work great for tiny ice cream desserts. Like THESE maybe? So, do it up! They're cute, tiny and have mad skills. »

DIY Doughnut »

Dust off the mixer June 5th for a DIY Donut Party in celebration of National Doughnut Day! Here are 4 fun ways to make, create, and sustify doughnuts. 1. Cinnamon Apple Cider Doughnuts are the fall favorite, but here's a twist that's just as delicious in June: add a little applesauce you’ve got a veganized Cinnamon Apple Cider Doughnut!  2. For a fast and easy doughnut creation, scoop ice cream between two doughnuts dipped in chocolate and viola! It looks great, takes max 10 minutes to create, and will make all your guests drool. 3. What’s a doughnut party without a cold glass of milk? Thread one through a Susty Party straw for easy access... »

The Star of your Drink! »

Yay! We have star straws! They are available in our online store here and at select West Elm Marketplace locations. So get them while you can! You can find them at West Elm Market Places in Brooklyn , NYC, Chicago, El Paso, Vancouver & Toronto! Happy Memorial Day! »

Susty Party Turns Three! (Plus a contest!) »

Guess what!?! We're running a 3 day contest in honor of our 3rd birthday so we can share the #sustystyle celebration with you. Enter to win a compostable party pack HERE. AND for everyone who enters we're going to  donate $1 to Birthday Wishes, bringing B-Day parties to children who are homeless.  Yay! And party on! »

Pops to Melt Over »

The sun is shining (finally) and we're so excited to inspire you with a new use for your  Susty Party Wooden Cutlery Introducing Ginger Infused Coconut and Blueberry Popsicles! These creamy dreamy treats will to take your BBQ or picnic to the next level, and are a super-simple dairy-free alternative frozen dessert.  These beauties are made with coconut milk, honey, plump blueberries and hints of fresh ginger. Kick off summer by serving these popsicles on hot summer nights after a brilliant evening of grilling. Make sure to add an extra Pop! to your pops by substituting popsicle sticks for our patterned wooden cutlery, in red, green or... »

Cinco de Mayo »

We think a piñata filled with Susty straws might be just the thing to make this Cinco De Mayo awesome.  Or I suppose you could use them to hit the piñata to get the candy out? You tell us. Which would you prefer. »

Bedazzle Your Breakfast »

I like my oatmeal to feel really special. So I like to serve it up with #sustystyle. Oh! And to bring it on the go, shop pink cups here and spoons here.   This recipe is a breeze. Just almond milk, honey, oats and a dream. (Find the recipe HERE.) Freeze-dried strawberries and chocolate covered sunflower seeds are nature's sprinkles. So get it goin'! »

It's Hip to Be Square »

If you're going to meet your favorite ladies for a drink. You should probably bring them some Vegan Sprankle Blondies. I mean, bringing a bunch of napkin patterns wouldn't hurt either. And just when you think a square plate is overkill, quit it. Because despite what they say... it's hip to be square. »

Gluten-Free Vegan Banana Bread (with Bourbon!) »

As soon as I learned that buckwheat flour was gluten-free it felt like a dream! You see a friend of mine is having gluten trouble. I've made it my mission for her to be able to eat an awesome everything without the fear of feeling sick. So introducing.... my mom's banana bread! Revised to be vegan, gluten-free and with bourbon! So bake this up and pop it on a palm leaf plate and bring it to your bestie. Bring it to work! Or don't bother sharing it! No matter what, just know, that this bread has got everyone's back no... »

Our New Products Ain't No Joke! »

It maybe April Fool's Day, but our super cute new products are REAL! Find these hip plates in both square and round styles right HERE. And how hip and cool are these?! So fancy. Perfect for your classiest picnic! Find them right HERE for Forks, HERE for Knives, and HERE for spoons. »