It's a Smoothie Party! Susty X Daily Harvest Smoothie Time. »

Is the colder weather keeping you from trekking outside your home or office in search of delicious food? We say go with it and make yummy food indoors that reminds you of sunnier times. :) We joined forces with the smoothie experts at Daily Harvest to show you how to throw the perfect, most stylin', and eco friendly smoothie bowl party that will leave your guests happy and healthy.   Just add some Susty and a few extra toppings to Daily Harvest's ready-to-blend smoothies, and you've got everything you need for a smoothie bowl party perfect for Sunday brunch, a morning office treat or any time friends want... »

Outdoor Movie Party! »

 Take advantage of warm summer nights before the cold sets in with family and friends for a backyard movie night. If you’re lucky enough to have a rooftop, move the movie up a few floors and get a killer view too. 1. A screen, some pillows, and a susified table is all it takes for a cool summer movie party. | 2. Set up a popcorn bar with any and all toppings your guests prefer 3. | Let your friends choose their spot with a blanket basket. | 4. Mix up an apple, ginger, and cranberry Cocktail to quench that summer thirst with a splash of Susty! »

Crafty Kid's Birthday Bash »

  It’s spring and the perfect time to bust out your crafty side just in time for your little tot’s birthday bash! Pastels are spring’s favorite color. Susty Party just so happens to have a whole pastel line. 1. Party in a jar party favor that'll outmatch any traditional candy in a bag goody bag | 2. Old school hopscotch is fun for the parents and their kids. Snap some candids of parents and their tots in action! | 3. Use some old wrapping paper to get crafty with a kid's birthday gift | 4. A Susty plate in your kiddo’s favorite color will make the day something to remember! »

Pink Party Prep »

I don't know about you, but pink is one of my favorite colors. I just think it's so pretty! I think it's one of the main reasons I love Valentine's Day. (That and the fact that I love love.) I'm a sucker for pink and geometric patterns, so this cup/napkin combo. So if you're looking to throw a lady party, or a dude party, or a brunch party, then we've got you covered in the pink and geometric way.  Shop for your pink party HERE. »

Susty Style Lemonade Stand »

With summer winding down, there's still time to plan a cause driven event -  the party and the supplies can be socially and environmentally conscious!  Susty Party was happy to share our yellow collection for Lemonade for Livy.   Livy's Hope raises awareness for those with epilepsy and their families, which affects more than 3 million in the USA.  This gorgeous stand was designed by Brandi Costa of Painted and Sprinkled and features our compostable Susty cups, straws, cutlery, napkins, plates! Brandi shared with us why she was inspired to work with Livy's Hope: "Finding a cure for epilepsy means more to me than any... »

Picnic Party »

Summer is in full swing which means it's prime picnic weather. I can't get enough of the gingham goodness we have here either. I think the cups are just perfect for serving up some cocktails in a backyard, park, or beach. I also love that our compostable plates are SO sturdy. Serve up ribs, corn on the cob, and everything else without any concern about flimsy plate business. Shop for the red and white goodness here, awesome wood cutlery here, and everything pink here. »

Tacos + Fudgesicles »

  My apartment is not air conditioned, so I've been on the taco diet. It's tricky cooking in this heat, but a tasty dinner can come together quickly with just a few simple things! I've been toasting corn tortillas in a hot cast iron with a little bit of olive oil. I've been filling them with garlicky refried black beans (recipe here), avocado slices, and goat cheese. Corn on the cob is everywhere these days! It can be the side or cut off the cob and tucked into your taco. I like to eat veggie flax seed chips and salsa... »

Spring Birthday »

We love a spring birthday! Here's our favorite easy, colorful spring birthday ideas. 1. Whimsical party cake by the Alison Show | 2. Rainbow selection of Susty Party straws | 3. Super cute & easy kraft wrapping paper DIY | 4. Birthday number cupcakes, no decorating skills needed! | 5. Susty Party Spring Party Pack   Happy Susty spring! »

Easter DIY Roundup »

Here are our favorite 8 Easter DIY crafts for kids and adults. We found the best naturally dyed eggs, bunny accessories, and drink ideas. Who knew that red cabbage makes the most beautiful, natural blue dye?  1. Grey Susty straws with a bunny straw tag  | 2. Natural brown easter eggs and a non-toxic white paint pen | 3. Naturally dyed ombre easter eggs | 4. Pipecleaner rabbit ear rings   5. Brown sack Easter masks | 6. Printable bunny mask | 7. Milk with pink Susty straws and bunny cookies | 8. Natural Easter egg dye recipes   For even more Easter inspiration, visit the Susty Party Easter... »