Hi! My name is Patricia and I recently joined the Susty Party staff for the second time. I interned here last summer as the Blogging and Social Media Guru, and now I’m back as the Director of Communications. This past May, I graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Nonfiction Creative Writing. I then went home to Austin, TX for the summer to get my fill of breakfast tacos and tan lines. In August, I returned to NYC and settled into my first apartment.

I spend my weekends wandering the city with my new DSLR camera, cooking vegetarian meals, and going to spin and yoga classes. I’ve got grand plans to travel and write books, but for now, the Big Apple provides more than enough adventure.

I am excited to be back at Susty Party as it continues to grow as fast as (if not faster than) we can keep up! I will be splitting my time between customer service, PR, social media, and whatever else Emily and Jessica throw my way.


Favorite Susty Product: 10 oz Compostable Susty Party Cup in Red Mesh




Feel free to get in touch: 

Email: patricia (at) sustyparty (dot) com

Instagram: patriciahoward

Twitter: @PatriciaHoward

Pinterest: phowhow

Blog: emeraldaisle.tumblr


Yay! Welcome aboard, Patricia!