DIY // Ice Cream Packaging


It's August! Summer is in full swing. And nothing tastes like summer quite as much as ice cream. What we have here is a fun way for you guys to make and package up ice cream to pass out to your favorites. It's an ice cream treat served with Susty style! I filled these with vegan chocolate coconut milk ice cream with vegan bittersweet fudge and vegan chocolate chip cookie chunks. Can't go wrong!

I used the Susty 12 oz. Bagasse Bowl Containers + Lids + FSC Wood Compostable Spoons. I love them! I think each container could be 2 servings, but no judgement if you eat it all in one. I mean, it's your ice cream, so live your life!

You can download the labels HERE. Print them out the paper of your choice! I chose a craft paper, but I think these colors would look good on most light colored papers!

Simply use washi tape on the spoons to keep them festive. Tie them to the ice cream container with bakers twine or use a rubber band. I bet anyone would feel lucky to get this treat from you.

Happy summer! Share the love!

For the recipes click HERE.