DIY // Vegan, Raw, Veggie Livin'

Looking for tasty foods that are also able to work within your dietary needs? I've got some answers.

Nicole at Dula Notes has mad skills. She makes beautiful food and also has quite a few gluten-free, vegan, and raw options on her blog. This magenta dreamcake has been on my mind for weeks!

Dana at the Minimalist Baker is kinda a magician. I mean, she'd have to be in order to finagle a vegan snickers with just 5 ingredients, right?

Have you ever perused Never Home Maker? Ashley is a runner with healthy eating tips as well as running tips. Her pumpkin pizza dough has stolen my heart. And these veggie-filled waffles need to happen this summer!

I was perusing The Kitchn the other day and stumbled across this recipe for The Best Ever Veggie Burger. It made me stop right in my tracks! I'm down for veggie burgers of all sorts, but when it says it's the best, I know I need to give it a shot. And the beets make it look lovely, right?