Twinterview // Julie Sygiel

Happy Tuesday! Today is the next installment in our series of Twinterviews (Twitter-length interviews, that is), where every question is answered by an amazingly Inspirational Susty Partier in 140 characters... more or less. Julie Sygiel, the Founder of Dear Kate and the and Co-founder of PVD Lady Project.

1. Describe yourself personally.

Founder of @dearkates and co-founder  of @pvdladyproject. Enjoy good design, appreciate fancy cocktails, and like to plan things ahead of time.

2. What inspires you?

The phrase “Get it, girl.” 

3. Word association: “Susty”
Being conscientious + livin' it up
4. What good media have you consumed recently that we should check out?
I'm obsessed with Mrs Lilien ( And I just saw a Bicyclette Boutique's short film, 90 Days:
5. Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip?
(girls only): Wear Dear Kate undies during that time of the month so you don't have to use disposable liners (plus they're super cute + comfy)
6. Life lesson you want to pass on?
Answer honestly. It will always pay off in the end. 
7. Your favorite Susty Party product?
Striped party straws!