Introducing our Susty summer interns!

Hi there, I'm Hailey Hayman one of the new summer interns! I could not be more excited to be part of the Susty team, which is the perfect blend of my interests. I hail from just over the Golden Gate Bridge in California but am exploring the NYC area for the summer. During the year I am in school at Hamilton College studying Biology, taking studio art classes and having fun with my recent pursuit of the drums! I love hiking, camping, eat (#cleanplateclub), dancing, the movies, country music and crafts! You can find me drumming on my legs to music as I wander the streets indulging in the abundant Fro Yo market!

Hey Party Peeps! My name is Lilai Teckie and I'm the newest addition to the Susty girls! I'm one of the two new Summer Interns, but I prefer to go by Multi-Tasker Extraordinaire.

I am a rising senior at Emory University in Atlanta, GA where I major in Political Science and minor in Sociology. I'm a New York native but I'm always on the go! I love to travel, draw and most of all help others! I am SUPER excited to be working with Susty this summer and diving into the eco-friendly and sustainable goods industry! Look out for me and Susty Party this sumer, saving the planet one party at a time! Respect Earth and Party On!!!

Favorite Susty Product: Organic Party Crown

Favorite Book: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell