June Party Time

Welcome in the summer vibes RIGHT NOW with this playlist! Yep, these tunes are being served up with mini umbrellas in them. We are pretty excited about summer for a lot of reasons, and most of those reasons involve partying and/or DJing. We've collected some dope jams from far and wide. Turn up those headphones, it's time for your Susty Party Starters Planet Rump to lay down some funky stuff:

Disclosure - White Noise ft. Aluna George
This ultra young production team consists of two brothers and they are really hot right now.  Surprise surprise - they are from the UK, where children are taught to mix records before they can tie their shoes. Tried catching them when they came to New York but it was sold out well in advance. Great house music.
Solidisco - Never Let You Go
Some super jumpy disco house from Solidisco- a great production and DJ team from Buffalo, NY (according to Twitter).  That's also the home of Rick James and OJ Simpson; so these guys have big shoes to fill.  Though we haven't heard much of them before, they are on the Fool's Gold record label, which is our favorite record label based right here in our Brooklyn neighborhood.  
Solange - Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix)
It must be fun being Beyonce's sister! While most younger siblings choose a different path so as not to live in the older one's shadow, Solange obviously doesn't give an F about that. She is one bad mama! This New York style house remix of her track has a real moody and honest vibe to it. Smooth it out.
Planet Rump - Spendin All My Money
This original track from yours truly is a sub-bass trap-style booty burner intended for summertime hoopty rides and sweaty loft parties with no A/C. Yeah we get crazy like that sometimes. Peep the track's music videofeaturing psychedelic dancing forest dwellers. Everything about it is true.
Justin Timberlake - Gruv Git In (Sammy Bananas Bootleg)
JT came out with a new album this year, he's always funny on SNL, and would probably be a riot to hang out with. What's even more exciting is the twist DJ/Producer Sammy Bananas puts on this track, making it as festive as the opening credits of the Cosby Show where the whole family takes turns dancing with Bill Cosby.  
INOJ - Love You Down (eSenTRIK Remix)
Sometimes it's just refreshing to listen to minimal beats with chopped up vocal samples from songs you sort of forgot about before. This remix fits that need like a glove. Pop'n'lock it.
Jacuzzihidive - Elevated
This LA band takes you on a really experimental seven minute ride to paradise, steeped in disco and Cali funk vibes. Judging from their music, they definitely have velour pajamas. Everything they put out is mad funky and their live show is a must. Catch them on tour this summer!
Boys Noize - Starwin
A surprisingly melodic and happy tune from German producer Boys Noize. His last album was pretty dissonant, but this track is pleasantly uplifting, builds you up and makes you believe in yourself. Then it drops a super acid-house synth line to really take you there.

Enjoy the tunes, and hope to see you on the dancefloor soon! If you're in the NYC area, come check out our live music performance this Saturday June 15 at Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn.

Your Susty Party Starters,
Planet Rump