May Tunes

Source: Disco Balls
Who are this month's Susty Party Starters? Why it's producer/DJ team Planet Rump checking in from their post in Brooklyn. By day, Leyla is a freelance art director and graphic designer dedicated to socially and environmentally focused clientele, and Dave is an urban forester in charge of getting trees planted across New York City. By night, they team up to produce and perform some next-level dance party music that fires up night clubs, loft parties, and anywhere else that there are dance floors! Now they share with you 8 tracks that are lighting up their DJ sets:

Cahill - Feel The Love (Grum Remix)

Grum is our favorite non-alcoholic Scottish export: this guy is an incredible producer/remixer/DJ who takes the best of modern dance production and unites us with all the most striking and emotive dance elements of the past. This tune right here is a remix that is on par with Grum's deep and joyful dance catalog. Sorta brings you back to the raver days, right? His sophomore full-length will be coming out later this year. 


Zuzuka Poderosa & Kush Aurora - Seda (Jubilee and Burt Fox Remix)

Zuzuka is one of our favorites because her style is always on the next level. We first learned about her music online and immediately booked her to perform at one of our dance parties. Her live show proved to be even more hot fire than her recordings. Though we don't speak Portuguese, this baile funk burner "Seda" is about marijuana law reform, and is made for the dance floor.


Elephant Man - Shake It (Lunice Remix)

This jam is an absolutely nuts booty-beat electro/ragga burner. We caught Lunice at Webster Hall in April in his new duo with Hudson Mohawke called TNGHT. It was off the hook. Lunice is a Montreal-based b-boy turned producer. Def check this guy out.


Planet Rump - Make Yo Booty Go (f/ Will Sheridan)

Yep, this is one of our original tracks that was just released on our new album! The tantalizingly funky music video can be viewed here. It's a gritty, bass-driven disco burner featuring the vocals of one of our long-time collaborators and voice of the human rights movement, Will Sheridan. Shameless self promotion, but dis joint be funky!


The Hood Internet - Suit And Commercial (Justin Timberlake x Daft Punk)

This production team got the mash-up down pat. Usually bridging the gap between hip hop and indie dance genres, this time they chose two pop hits that happen to blend beautifully together for a super-funky floor-stomper. We dig this version better than JT's original, but if you haven't already, you should definitely add Daft Punk's latest "Get Lucky" (f/ Pharrell & Nile Rodgers) to your collection, and keep your peepers peeped for their upcoming album "Random Access Memories".


Ssion - Luvvbazaar

OK so this track is definitely a bit sexy and gritty at the same time. If you like dancing with a bit of a sneer with your hair perfectly did, this one is for you. Ssion is another rising star in the underground club scene here in NYC - it's a beautiful place to be.


Duke Dumont - Slow Dance

One of our favorite radio DJ personalities is Montreal's Tiga (no, not Tyga), who definitely caters to the grown/mature/upscale audiences of the house and techno scene, and is the godfather of Turbo Recordings, which is the new home of Duke Dumont. We are just floored by his house music creations. This track is par for his course—be sure to listen where you have some quality bass speakers.


50 Cent - In Da Club (Good Goose and AK47 Remix)

This is a return to the dance floor for a long-standing classic by 50 Cent... geez has it been 10 years since the original version came out? Well our friend Good Goose definitely breathed new life into this track, which is now super boombastic and stylized for 2013.... keep it up!


Hope you all enjoy this new music and turn it out at your next party!

The Susty Party Starters // Planet Rump