Twinterview // Radha Agrawal

Happy Tuesday! Today is the next installment in our series of Twinterviews (Twitter-length interviews, that is), where every question is answered by an amazingly Inspirational Susty Partier in 140 characters... more or less. Meet Radha Agrawal, the Founder/CEO of Super Sprowtz and the Co-Founder of THINKX: Change Your Underwear!

1. Describe yourself personally. 

I would say I'm passionate and energetic and crave new experiences with friends. I love building things from scratch whether it's a business or a piece of art.  My DNA: I'm an identical twin, half Japanese, half Indian and French Canadian - Let's just say I grew up on sushi and curry and the great northern outdoors.  

2. What inspires you? 

Building  a business that accomplishes many things at once: fills a void, does the world good and is in a creative and food related field. Super Sprowtz really allows me to exercise all those muscles.  

3. Word association: “Susty” - 

"Good times".

4. What good media have you consumed recently that we should check out? 

Kid President - he's incredible. I can't get enough. So darn cute!

5. Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip? 

Eat with your hands! Use your sleeves to wipe your mouth! Share!

6. Life lesson you want to pass on? 

We're all going to die some day. Nurture what's important - friendships, love, family, and as many experiences as you can pack in. 

7. Your favorite Susty Party product and why? 

Party Kits! First off, I love anything with the word "kit" in it. Secondly, because we get to party without killing our planet! 


Thanks, Radha! And Kid President is adorable! Thanks for the tip.