Twinterview // Chris Strait

Happy Tuesday! Today is the next installment in our series of Twinterviews (Twitter-length interviews, that is), where every question is answered by an amazingly Inspirational Susty Partier in 140 characters... more or less. Meet Chris of Kombucha Brooklyn!

1. How is Kombucha Brooklyn different from other Kombuchas?

That's easy - it's the taste of our kombucha! It seems like every day I meet someone who has turned away from kombucha after first tasting major label 'buch. KBBK 'buch is clean and smooth, so that the flavor of tea is unmistakable, but is also "kombucha" enough for enthusiasts. Our flavor pairings are designed to showcase but build on the complexity of our base teas, so that the end result is a "not-too-sweet, not-too-acidic" kind of session 'buch that keeps people coming back for more. When paired with the enthusiasm that comes from years of experience in the beverage industry, you can taste the energy and intent with which we brew our vitally probiotic, local, handmade tea.

2. Describe yourself personally. 

I would consider myself energetic, enterprising, astute and passionate, but also reserved, contemplative and holistic.

3. What inspires you? 

Sense-memories, music, dreams, chaos, synchronicity, plants, mutualism

4. Word association: “Susty”

"Susty" means responsible attention to environmental values, persistent expenditure of personal effort toward de-use and re-use, and resisting the cues/expectations of culture for the benefit of non-human organisms. 

5. What good media have you consumed recently that we should check out?

I am constantly a scholar of the intellectual exploits of The Bard Terence McKenna, the truly inspired visual art and artistic philosophy of Alex Grey, the careful curiosity and exhaustive efforts of ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes, and as a tea enthusiast, the work of David Lee Hoffman.

6. Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip?

"Knowledge issues into appropriate action."

7. Life lesson you want to pass on?

If you don't like what you are doing, stop doing it.

8. Your favorite Susty Party product and why?

The Susty recycling bins at local markets. It seems so obvious, but there are still many public places with no interest in recycling. If "it" is in your hand, you're the closest person to making a responsible decision for "its" future, and the Susty bins make it easy!


Thank you so much, Chris!