Perfume Wedding Favors

Homemade wedding favors can be fun and whimsical, like these homemade perfume favors! Thank you Etsy for showing us how to make these!

You will need:

Essential oil(s)
Carrier oil (you can use jojoba, almond or olive)
Beeswax pieces (or soywax/ candelilla wax)
A small pot (stainless steel or enamel)
Measuring cups / small glass jars
Wood chop sticks or skewer sticks
Small tins / solid perfume containers
Your nose
Optional: Double boiler, kitchen thermometer, droppers / pipettes

Part 1: Blend the Essential Oils

Part 2: Make the Solid Perfume Base

Part 3: Make Your Solid Perfume

Part 4: Pour Perfume in Tins and Decorate

*For detailed instructions, please visit the Etsy link listed above!