Dish Executed After 7 Years of Planning


In December, chef Curtis Duffy opened up a new restaurant named, Grace, in Chicago. There, you can either choose the "fauna" or the "flora" menu, the first one being the meat/seafood oriented menu and the second one being vegetarian. But if Grace has a signature dish, it is their take on sashimi! An edible cylinder of ginger ice surrounds a raw fish of the day, topped with pomelo, golden trout roe, and coconut. With the tap of a spoon, the cylinder cracks, distributing infinitesimally thin shards of pure cold amongst the fresh ocean flavors. Even though this restaurant may have opened only in December, this is a dish that Duffy has wanted to create for the last seven years.

All he really needed was a silicone ice tray with a PVC pipe that sticks out. But not only did he not know how to make it himself, but when it was finally assembled, getting the right thickness of ice was very difficult. If the ice was too thick, it’d water down the dish (which was meant to be just four to five bites). If it were too thin, the ice would melt before the dish could reach the customer's table. After a few years, chef Duffy revisited this idea when he met Michael Joy, a silicone mold specialist, and after 7 years, finally succeeded. 

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