Sponsored by Susty!

 This past weekend, on January 29th, our CEO Emily attended the Super Sprowtz Grand Finale with our Susty products for their after party. Emily's friend, Radha, is the founder of Super Sprowtz and is passionate about improving nutritional health for children. We want children to eat their veggies! 

Emily- "It was AMAZING! Shaq and and the Super Sprowtz veggie puppets put on an incredible show to get kids excited about eating vegetables - and it worked! All the kids lined up to grab fresh produce in goodie bags at the end of the show! They were PUMPED to eat carrots! And the post-show luncheon served with Susty Party tableware had everyone toasting to the power of the Super Sprowtz."

To learn more about Super Sprowtz, visit their website, www.supersprowtz.com and stay tuned for an upcomming Twinterview with the founder of Super Sprowtz, Radha!