Healthy and Adventurous

 For those who didn't know, some of the ladies at the office are scattered all around the world at the moment! Our director of online sales, Andrea, regularly works from Panama. And our lovely founder, Emily, is also in Panama right now too! I, Ellen, am in Korea! Being in different countries remind us that every country is beautiful and unique with its distinct culture. Maybe for your new year resolution, you can be more adventurous with food! Here's a recipe for a spin on a traditional Korean condiment, Kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional fermented dish in Korea that is made by vegetables and all sorts of seasonings. Kimchi has tons of fiber, vitamin C, and carotene while still being low in calories. 

Here's a recipe for a quick green apple kimchi. It might not be as authentic as traditional korean kimchi, but it's a good start! 

May your new year be filled with exotic culinary adventures!