DIY with Our PLA Cups!

 I hope everyone spent a good first day of the new year. The weather has been gloomy in New York and it inspired us to find a DIY to do at home on a rainy day, using our PLA cups! Thanks to A Bit of Green, you can make your own "Cup Lamp" using our cups, a stapler, and a lamp socket. 

First, get the materials ready! (Instead of those plastic cups, we want to use our Susty Party PLA cups).

Next, arrange the cups in this manner and staple the areas where it's marked green.

It should start looking like this:

Keep following the pattern until you achieve a ball-like shape! Carefully staple on the last cups to form the top of the sphere and make sure the bottom part is open so we can fit the light bulb and lamp socket in the middle. 

And... voila! 

Happy DIY-ing and happy new year!