Wedding Cocktails

 Fancy drinks shouldn't be served only in swanky bars.  Making your very own cocktail at the reception is easier than you think!

Your flavor base is usually juice (either home-made or bought).

For your alcohol, try something darker like bourbon or rum if you want something warm and cozy. For a brighter and more refreshing drink, try gin or vodka. 

Your sweetener can be a simple syrup (1 part sugar 1 part water) or anything like maple syrup, honey, or agave syrup. Make sure to mix these syrups with water so it doesn't just sink to the bottom of your drink!

The acid element is any citrus slice (lemons, limes, oranges, kumquats... etc).

Adding club soda/seltzer also helps lighten up the drink!

Here are some inspirational photos to get you started: 

                                                                     Recipe to these two are found here



This watermelon and Thai chili cocktail recipe is found here