Sponsored by Susty!

Since the cold winter is creeping on us in Brooklyn, we wanted to reminisce about the fun events that Susty Party hosted this past fall! We joined with tons of good causes to throw great parties with some extra eco-chic cred. Check'em out. 

In September, Heritage Radio Network threw their very first annual membership party. All the tableware was provided by us, yay! And guess what? We also set up waste recovery signage, so all tableware and food was properly collected for composting - an almost-zero waste event.

See if you can find a familiar face... (hint: Her name starts with an "E") 

In October, The Feast Conference was held at the American Museum of Natural History and Eybeam over two days. Once again, Susty Party provided their compostable tableware!  

The Feast "convenes the most remarkable entrepreneurs, radicals, doers and thinkers who are revolutionizing the way things work for the betterment of humanity."

In November, Susty Party supplied cups for Urban Green Energy's 2012 Beer Pong Tournament. 

We're happy that Susty Party could support such meaningful and exciting events in the fall of 2012!