Happy #Block Friday!


We at Susty Party always believe it's the connections we make to each other that keep us going. Relationships are everything. Which is why partying - or taking one-on-one time - to connect with your loved ones (or even just with yourself) is crucial for the holiday season, when it's easy to get swept up by media and shopping and consumerism-based fantasy images of what will make us happy.

So, we're joining the movement to take back Black Friday by re-naming it Block Friday. And our awesome friend Mike, the co-founder of Holstee who initiated this friendly takeover, says it perfectly:
Black Friday has a habit of pulling our attention away from our loved ones and the opportunity offered by the holiday season to indulge in those relationships in favor of wild sales.
We know that there is a more mindful way to spend time on the day after Thanksgiving...
So here’s the big question: this holiday season, what are YOU blocking off Friday for?

I'm blocking off Friday for reading the Hunger Games (second book). I'm team Gale so far. Also meeting up with high school friends and resting up for my high school Alumni basketball game on Saturday morning.

I'm blocking off Friday to learn some new skillz (for my music), create a little indoor garden (for my succulents), and then share some laughs and drinks with high school friends and new friends.

On Friday I have blocked off time to visit my best friend's brand new baby girl Lucia. I can't believe how quickly families grow as time flies by. Its more important than ever to spend time with old friends with new additions!

I'm blocking off Friday to Skype with my family and make some pumpkin cinnamon spice ice cream to share with friends later that evening (because you can never have too many pumpkin desserts around Thanksgiving)!

So that covers our Susty crew's Block Friday plans! Happy #BLOCKFRIDAY to you and yours. What are YOU blocking off?

<3, Emily