DIY: Crazy Rainbow Pasta!

Hey kids! (and parents), who wants to eat boring spaghetti for dinner again?! We certainly don't. 
Here's a fun way to groovify your pasta into crazy rainbow colors:

-Any kind of dry pasta
-Organic homemade food coloring 

-While your pasta is cooking, put each color in separate zip-lock bags
-When your pasta is room temperature, toss them into your fun colors
-Serve your funky noodles with your favorite sauce!

How to Make Organic Food Coloring

Pink & Red
For a ton of color with almost no flavor, beets are the best. Use the juice from canned beets or make your own by either boiling or juicing the raw vegetable.

Carrots! Simply juice the carrots and use the juice as the dye.

Either you can leave the pasta be its natural beige/yellow color or you can use saffron or turmeric to make the yellow brighter. Make sure you use a very small amount of these spices since they are very strong!

This is a great (and sneaky) way to make your kids eat their greens! Juice the spinach, even the stems, and use the juice as the dye. 

Blue & Purple
For purple, cut and boil red cabbage until the water is very dark and concentrated; this will give you a beautiful violet color.
For blue, slowly stir in a little bit of baking soda into the homemade purple dye and you will get a perfect blue. 

Thank you Chaya for teaching us how to make this healthy alternative!