Clean up Tips! Prepare a Toolkit for a Party Spill

We know that when you’re having fun at your boozy holiday parties with our compostable and biodegradable cups and groovy straws, accidents are bound to happen. After all, alcohol + dancing = spills. I, for myself, have never had a party without having at least one spill accident. And when this spill is on your favorite rug, you just might lose it. But don’t panic! The party must go on. 

Here’s a quick party spill kit you can prepare at home:

  • Club Soda
    - Pour some onto your spill so the liquid is diluted before blotting

  • Our awesome and recycled napkins (or any sort of paper towel or cloth)
    - Blot the liquid instead of scrubbing it

  • Sponge

  • A 50:50 mix of vinegar and water
    - It gets rid of the stickiness
    - Why vinegar? Commercial home cleaners typically contain ammonia and isopropanol, which can irritate the eyes, nose, skin,and, throat. Using vinegar allows you to have a safer home and reduce toxins you release into the environment!

Quickly addressing the spill is very important, but keep calm and remember to use your new toolkit. Happy partying!