Another Addition to the Susty Team: Ellen Lee

Hallo! I'm Ellen and I'm a new intern for Susty Party! I'm going to be updating Susty Party's blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, (basically anything and everything in our social media) with everything from hot gossip from the office, fun DIY ideas using our awesome products, to updates on our new product ideas. I'm very excited to work with the innovative and inspirational people at Susty Party and will hopefully learn a lot about working in the sustainable product industry! 

A little tidbit about me:
I've been moving around since I was a baby- born in Texas, lived in northern California, Korea, and New York. Now, I'm going to Columbia University in Manhattan studying chemical engineering, dreaming to someday be an innovator of sustainable products (like Emily!). When I'm not drowning in a pile of books at school or working in our awesome office, I like to eat, drink, cook, hike, bike, read, and thrift shop. I might be a science nerd sometimes but I'm a musician, artist, and a writer as well! Few of my hidden talents are... speaking multiple languages, making a mean cheesecake, and tying a knot with a cherry stem in my mouth (wait, does everyone know how to do that already?). 

I'm super social and friendly so if you have anything to say about anything or have any cooky ideas for Susty Party, feel free to share with me anytime! 


P.S- That's Cooper, the cutest puppy in the world!

Title: Newbie intern!
Favorite Susty Product: LOLIWARE Edible Cups
Favorite Book: The Daydreamer by Ian McEwan