Superstorm Sandy Relief

The Susty crew took Monday off from work and headed out with a car full of Susty Party plates, hot cups and to-go containers that we donated to La Casa de Camba to serve over 500 free hot meals to victims of the storm who are stranded in Rockaway with no power!

It was devastating to see our favorite summer retreat - the Rockaway boardwalk - completely washed away and crashed into the line of houses 500 feet away.

But it was heartening to see the community come together to help storm victims. People were happy to receive hot meals. Our to-go containers were used to deliver meals to elderly and disabled people, some of whom are still homebound or stuck in highrises without light or heat or an elevator to get them downstairs.

We donated all the cases of our Susty Party tableware that we had in our office, plus our own little supply of Runa tea - that Ecuadorian sustainably-harvested bottled tea made by our crazy comrades (and fellow YouthTrade certified entrepreneurs) based in Brooklyn. People seemed happy to have something that wasn't just soda to drink.

We then drove to the Occupy Sandy NYC Relief headquarters at St. Jacobi Church in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, responding to their need for cars and drivers. They immediately loaded our car with friendly volunteers and supplies to drive out to Staten Island and then to a hosing project in Gowanus that still had no power.

We encourage everyone to volunteer with Occupy Sandy. They are doing an incredible job. 

And if you need tableware for the relief efforts (or want to donate tableware to relief efforts), we put together a special collection of products for Sandy Relief. All products are offered at-cost. But we may be able to waive the cost completely - just give us a call or email - so we can support your relief work.

Together, we shall rebuild so we can continue to Respect Earth and Party On.