Twinterview: Inspirational Susty Partiers Jess Eddy & Crista Freeman

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the next installment in our series of Twinterviews (Twitter-length interviews, that is), where every question is answered by an amazingly Inspirational Susty Partier (or in this case, two!) in 140 characters... more or less. Meet Jess and Crista, founders of Phin & Phebes!
Jess Eddy (Phebes) and Crista Freeman (Phin), Owners/Founders of Phin & Phebes Ice Cream

1. How is Phin & Phebes different from other ice creams?
All of our recipes started out in our home kitchen. We bought an expensive pint of ice cream that turned out to be not that good so we just started making our own. What makes us different is: we're all about flavor concepts and making wacky but approachable types of flavors. Flavors like Banana Whama (our banana pudding ice cream), Coconut Key Lime, and Vietnamese Iced Coffee to name a few. Also there's absolutely no stabilizers or syrups in our ice cream; our base is comprised of milk, eggs, cream and sugar and is all-natural.

2. Describe yourself personally.
Passionate, driven and fun. You can see a lot of our personal traits in our ice cream and our business in general. We think ice cream should be 100% fun and you can see this in our packaging and in our flavors. When someone tries our ice cream for the first time, the look on their face achieves what we're trying to do as a company.

3. What inspires you?
Things from our life, whether it's from when we were kids or things that are happening now. For example, our Banana Pudding and Coconut Key Lime flavors are inspired by Crista's childhood in the South. Both of the flavor combinations are heavily influenced by the food she grew up with. Our Vietnamese Iced Coffee is just one of our favorite summertime drinks and we said to each other, "Wouldn't this make a great ice cream flavor?" We're also inspired by yummy things in general. Something like a great pastry can get the flavor idea wheels churning and be really inspiring.

4. Word association: “Susty”
The word "susty" to us says, not just "sustainable" but "really cool sustainable."

5. What good media have you consumed recently that we should check out?
We're really into the blog Food Curated by Liza de Guia

6. Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip?
We just moved to Greenpoint and we've been buying all of our beer in growlers at Brouwerij Lane on Greenpoint Ave. It feels really good to buy beer in the same reusable growler and not be going through many glass bottles. That's not a possibility for everyone but even Duane Reade has growlers now. As for party tips, when using table candles outside, bell jars (or any small glass) are great for putting the candles into so they won't blow out.

7. Life lesson you want to pass on?
It's cliche because everyone says this, but you have to find something you love doing and do it everyday. Not only is life too short, but when you're doing something you love and you're passionate about it, it's so easy. It can be hard to find your passion but it's so important. Also, least once a day. This is really important.

8. Your favorite Susty Party product and why?
Anything made using Bamboo Sugarcane. The feeling and texture of these products is really amazing. It's super smooth and feels really high-end. Plus they're super easy to reuse.