Another Addition to the Susty Team: Andrea Bonaiuto

Hey all! My name is Andrea and I'm the new Director of Online Sales and Awesomeness for Susty Party! What does that mean? I take care of the cyber side of Susty Party by making sure our friends (you) can see the latest and greatest Susty Party has to offer while enjoying your shopping experience; all the way from the first click on our website to the doorbell from UPS with your goodies! 

I'm also WICKED excited to be a part of such an awesome team here at Susty Party. Who wouldn't want to work for a company whose motto is "Respect Earth and Party On"?

Born and raised just outside of Boston, I naturally love: running, Red Sox (so far no NYC/Boston conflict in the office), Boston Creme donuts, Dunkin's medium french vanilla iced coffee with 1 sugga, live music, and ice cream. Things not directly related to Boston that I love: dancing, martial arts, traveling, and ice cream (worth mentioning twice). 

I live locally and work globally - this past year, I've been living in Panama working with local arts festivals and arts productions on weekends, working with Susty Party during the day, and making my own ice cream at night.

I love friend-interaction (I'm talkin' bout you, the customer) so give a holla if you've got something you want to share! Cool party ideas? DIY ideas? Pics of our products at your party? Your cat wearing our organic party crown? Bring it on!

Title: Director of Online Sales and Awesomeness
Favorite Susty Product: Biodegradable, Plantable Confetti