Eye Candy: Reclaimed Furniture Made in Brooklyn

Meet our current "Born in Brooklyn" fave: Aellon Furniture

Aellon is a sustainable furniture company that designs and manufactures contemporary home furnishings from reclaimed and sustainably harvested materials. Aellon's founders create collections around the materials they find on their global adventures. Each collection draws inspiration from a distinct culture, material, region or experience.

For example, their most recent treasure was a 61-foot fishing boat named "Grace" that had washed up on the shore in Indonesia during a monsoon. They bought the boat from its captain, salvaged the wood, and created the "Grace" collection (pictured below). They plan to repeat this process around the world, financially benefiting each local community they visit.

"All of Aellon's products are hand-made by talented men and women who are paid fair wages and manage their own working conditions. The result is furniture that lasts generations."

LEIF PUZZLE STOOL (16" H x 16" W x 16" D)

DUKE COFFEE TABLE (72"L x 37"W x 16"H)

BATATU MIRROR (24" H x 24" W x 2" D)