Sara Honeywell - Twinterview with an Inspirational Susty Partier!

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the next installment in our series of Twinterviews (Twitter-length interviews, that is), where every question is answered by an amazingly Inspirational Susty Partier in 140 characters or less. Here we go, with: 

Sara Honeywell (right), Marketing Team Leader at the Whole Foods Charles River Plaza store
1. As Marketing Team Leader, what do you do?

I supervise a team of store artists/graphic designers, and a culinary demo specialist (foodie extraordinaire). I get to plan internal and external events, execute charitable giving, try not to spam you with social media, and generally be the (smiling!) face of WFM Charles River Plaza.

2. Describe yourself personally.
I am a musician by trade, a go-getter and a fire-starter. I’m always getting myself involved and into mischief. (And I have managed to combine all these things in the workplace.)

3. What inspires you? 
I am inspired by entrepreneurs, young and old. Especially when these people are high energy and love to be their own hype-man (or woman). These qualities are super important for success!

4. Word association: “Susty” 
Only now, after meeting your crew, PARTY TIME!!! But really, making environmentally and socially responsible decisions on any products you buy.

5. What good media have you consumed recently that we should check out? 
I’m a huge fan of the Lucky Peach periodical. It is snarky and awesome – but the recipes are innovative and challenging, and those guys pull from all sorts of food/life experience!

6. Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip? 
Ride your bike to the party, and write your name on one cup to use for the whole night!

7. Life lesson you want to pass on? 
Don’t take yourself too seriously – and never be afraid to wear a costume to promote yourself!

8. Your favorite Susty Party product and why? 
FSC-certified paper straws. Not only compostable and made in the USA, but also great colors and can stunt double as skewers or sticks and help make arts and crafts magical. (Click here for our fun straw ideas!)