Kids Party: Drive-In Movie

Your kids might not even know what a drive-in movie is, but I promise you that no one under four feet tall will turn down popcorn, candy, and a movie under the stars. Not to mention the awesome cardboard cars that they get to sit in! 

Summer is the perfect time to invest in a projector. Movie night takes on a whole new meaning when you can watch on any flat surface, from indoor walls to garage doors to the side of your house! Our favorite is this 3M mobile option from Target.

To make the cars: Find a few cardboard boxes laying around the house, spray paint them in bright colors, decorate with duct tape, and then attach some of our Susty Party paper plates as the wheels. And voila!

Now invite over some friends, pick a kid-friendly flick, whip up some Party Popcorn, wait for the sun to set, and press PLAY!

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