Tyler Gage: Twinterview with an Inspirational Susty Partier!

Let the Twinterview (Twitter-length interview - where every question is answered in 140 characters or less) begin! Please meet:

Tyler Gage, Co-Founder and President of Runa - Amazon guayusa organic, fair-trade tea. Runa is a for-benefit B Corporation, changing the world through their responsibly produced, energy-providing tea that is sold nationwide, with offices in Brooklyn and a philanthropic division in Ecuador that teaches sustainable agriculture.

1. Describe yourself personally.

Focused and persistent on the surface and trending ridiculous on the inside :)


2. What is your venture’s value proposition?

Create livelihoods for indigenous Amazonian farmers


3. What inspires you?

good speakers, breathing, dreams, trees, figs


4. Word association: “Susty”:

Chintzy, chinchilla, chihuahua


5. What good media have you consumed that we should check out?



6. Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip?

stay in school kids


7. Life lesson you want to pass on?

dogs are awesome


8. Your favorite Susty Party product and why?

2 oz cups. We use thousands of them to sample our tea!