DIY: Make your own Bio-plastic

More and more companies are using bioplastic instead of regular plastic these days for the sake of the consumers and the environment. What is bioplastic, you ask? Bioplastic is a form of plastic that is derived from renewable sources, such as vegetable oils or corn starch. 

Common plastics are instead derived from fossil fuels, such as petroleum which means they rely more on scarce fossil fuels and produce more greenhouse gas, thus worsening our environment. They also never biodegrade - every piece of regular plastic ever made still exists today! On the other hand, most bioplastics are biodegradable, which is one way they are safer and better. For example, our biodegradable cups are all certified to biodegrade in an industrial compost facility.

Take a look at this video tutorial to make your own bioplastic. Maybe you can use this technique for your next great art project or even try to make something pragmatic for everyday use! If you can make cups, you might just be our next greatest research and development scientist!