Eva Mohr - Twinterview with an Inspirational Susty Partier!

Next in our series of interviews with an ISP (Inspirational Susty Partier, that is!), where every question is answered in 140 characters or less. Let the Twinterview (Twitter-length interview, that is) begin! This time:

Eva Mohr, Production and Curated Products Rockstar at Holstee, the design and clothing shop with a higher purpose.


1. Describe yourself personally.
I am a broccoli loving, music enthusiast running on coffee. I rock at Holstee where I am in charge of the production. 
2.  What is your venture’s value proposition?
At Holstee we create lifestyle designed with a conscience. 

3. What inspires you:
Music, friends and family, using public transport.

4.   Word association: “Susty”:
Fun. Summer. Dancing. Mindful rock out!

5.  What good media have you consumed that we should check out? 
One of my favorite blogs is davidreport.com! It has a lot of good aspects on consumerism and sustainable design.

6.  Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip?
Living: Rethink the way you consume and don't buy something just for the sake of buying it.
a. Everyone bring your own cup (hmmm, does not align with you business model). But at least everyone should write their name on their cup!
b. Don't pee in the pool

7. Life lesson you want to pass on?
a. Don't think dying your hair pitch black (when you naturally have pale skin and reddish hair) is a good idea. 
b. Never accept a no in the first place and learn from your failures.

8. Optional: Your favorite Susty Party product and why?
The edible face paint is simply awesome! 


Look out for more Inspirational Susty Partier Twinterviews!