Eye Candy // Peter Herman and Daren Bascome’s Compleat Cup

This week, a sustainable idea that’s been blowing up the design-o-blag-o-sphere, the Compleat Cup. By day, Peter Herman is a mild mannered* architect, but by night, he is a tireless susty superhero who toiled for two years to solve a basic and ubiquitous coffee problem—disposable coffee cups are made of paper, but are covered with plastic tops. This makes them use more energy to make, and requires that coffee shops buy yet another cheap plastic piece. To fix it, he conceived of a single piece foldable paper cup that eliminates the plastic but still closes off the top of the cup with a little drink spout. It’s not the perfect solution (we could all stand to remember reusable every time... or consider cups made from rapidly renewable plants) but it makes paper disposable just a little more palatable.  We also hope they'll consider using paper from recycled or sustainably managed sources, and of course nix any traditional plastic lining (like our susty hot cup, cough cough!). Teaming up with Daren Bascome of design firm Proverb, they’re hoping to get Compleat into production soon!