Jason Aramburu - Twinterview with an Inspirational Susty Partier!

Here's the fourth in our series of interviews with an ISP (Inspirational Susty Partier, that is!), where every question is answered in 140 characters or less. Let the Twinterview (Twitter-length interview, that is) begin! This time:

Jason Aramburu, CEO of re:char, a company reducing carbon by converting human and other organic waste (including Susty Party products!) into carbon-rich soil amendments for farmers


1. Describe yourself personally.

26 years old. Male. Lover of art, music, nature and all things carbon-negative. I like startups too.

2.  What is your venture’s value proposition?

We convert waste into biochar, a powerful soil-amendment that can sequester up to 12% of annual human CO2 emissions. We work with farmers in the US and rural Western Kenya.

3.  What inspires you?

I'm inspired by people with uncompromising persistence and belief in their ideals-- the Teslas and the John Lennons of the world. 

4.   Word association: “Susty”:

Busty? Is that okay to say?

5.  What good media have you consumed that we should check out?

If you have an iOS device, and like Bjork, check out Bjork's Biophilia app-http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bjork-biophilia/id434122935?mt=8

Biophilia is a love of nature 

6.  Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip?

Buy some goats. They are the most efficient livestock in the world and will be the food of the future. They're also nice pets. 


7. Life lesson you want to pass on?

Regrets form when people give up, so never give up.

8. Your favorite Susty Party product and why?

Anything bioplastic. They are the future.



Jason was recently featured in Fast Company. You'll hear more about re:char + Susty Party collabos in the future!

In the mean time, look out for more inspirational Susty Partier Twinterviews!