Liz Santiago - Twinterview with an Inspirational Susty Partier!

 Here's the third in our series of interviews with an ISP (Inspirational Susty Partier, that is!), where every question is answered in 140 characters or less. Let the Twinterview (Twitter-length interview, that is) begin! This time:

Liz Santiago (right), President & CEO of Product Development & Skin Care Chemist at CeleBritAy New York Inc., the pioneering organic skin care company


1. Describe yourself personally.

proud mom, trustworthy, honorable, tree-lover, people person, creative

2.  What is your venture’s value proposition?


To inspire knowledge through truth 

3.  What inspires you?

My three children, my husband, optimism, good people, and overall good energy. 

4.   Word association: “Susty”:


5.  What good media have you consumed that we should check out?

6.  Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip?
Help do the dishes or help spread the word about comapanies like Susty Party.  

7. Life lesson you want to pass on?
I know it’s a cliche but never give up and never be afraid of change - embrace it.  

8. Optional: Your favorite Susty Party product and why?
Colorful Biodegradable Striped Paper Straws because it brings the kid out of me. :)
proud mom, trustworthy, honorable, tree-lover, people person, creative

Look out for more Inspirational Susty Partier Twinterviews!