Sponsored by Susty!

It was sponsor city for Susty Party this fall! We joined with tons of good causes to throw great parties with some extra eco-chic cred. Here’s a sample:

For the Windmill Factory’s Fear Factory Dinner, we provided the sustainable dinnerware for this Halloween-Dinner-slash-horror-film-slash-dance-party. We know it’s Christmas but we miss Halloween…

And for our friends at Green Spaces, we helped them celebrate their 3 ½ year anniversary. Green Spaces gives social innovators, entrepreneurs, and freelancers a space to connect and grow. They’re doing great work! Happy 3 and 1/2 birthday, Green Spaces! 


In this humble Susty Partier’s opinion, there’s no better snack than salsa and chips (maybe carrots and hummus but baby we can all get along!). So who better to sponsor with thousands of our Bagasse taste cups than Nachos NY at their annual Salsa Slam? And it was delicious! This pic is from last year but seriously. Delicious.


And what’s best for dessert? Homemade Brooklyn Pie, from 3rd Annual Brooklyn Pie Bake-off Benefit! The winner was Pear Caramel Apple Praline Pie. WHAT?? Check it out

We also supported the humanizing efforts of Digital Democracy, an organization that empowers marginalized communities to fight for their rights using technology. Happy third birthday, and keep up the inspiring work!

 Finally, we sponsored an event benefiting the always inspiring Acumen Fund, the DIGNITY photography exhibit and auction. Acumen works to enable the poor to escape poverty through innovative market solutions rather than charity dollars. Three cheers for dignity, art, and progress!