New: Durable Party Cups to Use Forever!

Colorful red, green and blue tableware sets for parties that you can re-use forever! 

It's made in the USA. And it's made by a very special mission-driven company: Preserve.

Preserve is a certified B Corporation, just like we are. Their founders are very much driven by heart, just like us. We've had discussions with them about doing the right thing and how to develop products but also combat waste.

Preserve started a nation-wide take back program for a plastic that wasn't being fully recycled: #5 plastics. And yes, the name of the program is called.. Gimme 5! So cute.

Out of this underutilized material stream, Preserve has created durable beautiful and functional products: from a line of tableware to razors and toothbrushes! Their factories are US-based and they often work with non-profits to provide jobs and job training. 

Oh, and one more thing: they have pioneered this space! They've been at it since... 1996! Yes, '96 baby! When we were, shall we say... dancing the Macarena awkwardly in middle school. Before people thought you could make awesome shizzle out of recycled plastic, Preserve and their parent company Recycline were there - showing us all the way of the future.

So, with deep admiration and respect, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Preserve. We now offer to you their reusable, durable, and 100% recycled (and easily recyclable through Gimme 5):

Reusable Cups

Reusable Plates

and Reusable cuttery