Liz Neves - Interview with an Inspirational Susty Partier!

Our first Interview with an ISP (Inspirational Susty Partier that is!) is here. All questions will be answered in under 140 characters. Let's jump in with:

Liz Neves - Brooklyn, NY 
Founder of Raganella, an all natural plant-based body care and cleaning solutions brand

1.  Describe yourself personally.

treehugger, herb nerd, yogini, trash crafter, kind-hearted being

2.  What is your venture’s value proposition?

 every ingredient has a purpose. all natural. no funny stuff.

3.  What inspires you?

the sun, the moon, the sea, plants, fungi, animals, wildness, compassion, contradiction, infinity

4.   Word association: “Susty”:


5.  What good media have you consumed that we should check out?

 YES! Magazine, Permaculture Activist, The Improvised Life

6.  Your favorite eco-friendly living or partying tip?

cloth napkins are an everyday luxury that also happen to be eco-friendly (especially if organic or upcycled).




Happy Buy Nothing Day! And thank you to Liz for the inspiration. 


Look out for more Inspirational Susty Partier Interviews to come.