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Our buddies at Cheeky Monkey Party (Brooklyn-based creators of handcrafted themed kids party kits!) posted an interview with Susty Party founder Emily

Here’s the full interview below:

Eco-friendly Party Items – A Conversation with Susty Party

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A Conversation with Emily Doubilet, Founder and CEO of Susty Party.

Susty is all about eco-friendly parties. How did you get into this business?

I am a musician & a performance artist with a degree in environmental studies. I was always looking to incorporate sustainability practices at the events and parties where I performed! I worked as a sustainability coordinator and event planner, and that’s where I got the idea to start My goal is for people to have fun while also positively impacting the environment.

What products do you sell that would be good for children’s parties and why should parents buy these products? 

Organic Cotton Party Crowns are one of my favorite kids’ (of all ages!) products. It’s handcrafted in the USA from non-toxic materials and it’s re-usable. It comes with felt numbers that you can attach to the front of the crown – so it can be worn every year for your child’s birthday party, replacing the number with the next year’s age!

I think the toxic free face paints are fantastic. Parents are so worried about their children’s exposure to chemicals. Do you specifically look for toxic free products?

Yes! This is one of the criteria that our products need to meet in order to be  sold on our site.

When you talk about your products you mention the “cradle to cradle” principle. I am only aware of the “cradle to grave” principle. I’m intrigued, can you expand on this for me and what it means to Susty Party?

Cradle to Cradle is a seminal book by William McDonough and Michael Braungart ( It is a call to redesign human industry and commerce into a system that creates ecological, social and economic value. Rather than a system that “takes, makes and wastes” and then sends products to a grave, can we create products that create value throughout their lifecycle and then return to a cradle rather than a grave – to “give birth” if you will to another product! For example - we choose renewable materials like vegetable starch rather than non-renewable finite raw materials (like plastic from oil) for our products.

Finally, do you have a “toe curli ng” story of an event where the waste was the main guest?

I was at a conference where Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability was a theme. But the catering had provided individual mini-plastic water bottles for the refreshments, and the hot-cups were styrofoam! Tableware often gets overlooked, even when people are trying to focus on sustainability.

Thank you Emily. 

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