10 Green Halloween Treats for Kids


Yum! 10 Green Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love is an article that features the advice from our  friends Corey and Lynn who founded Green Halloween and wrote a book about it too.

These treats are a step in the right direction. On the greenness scale it’s more of a light green (rather than dark green), but it was featured in People Magazine so I think they had to focus on easily accessible, baby steps towards greening the celebration! 

I would add these treats to the list (all from organic, fair-trade, sustainability-focused companies:

* Kopali Organics: dried fruit & dark chocolate snacks!

* Raaka Chocolate: brooklyn-produced dark chocolate mini-bars!

* Liddabit Sweets: nyc-produced local, artisanal, seasonal candy!

And I’d also emphasize DIY Halloween treats! Though perhaps you aren’t supposed to give kids things that aren’t wrapped in plastic these days for safety reasons? But if you’re hosting your own Halloween party, make healthy treats yourself! I personally love the always-simple Ants on a Log.

Bonus Material: for a funny inspiring take on veggie treats check this out.

Happy Greeeeeeen Halloweeeeen!