Win $100 by Using Pop Up Party Bins!

Win $100, Use Awesome New Pop Up Party Bins!

If, like us, you’ve been on the search for an easy-to-use large bin to collect recycling, trash & compost at your parties then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve long searched at Susty Party for the perfect solution to party waste collection. Who wants to be running around, monitoring the recycling and trash receptacles and shoving things in giant garbage bags or ugly bins, all while hosting your own event?!

That’s why our friend at San-Francisco based design firm Hobnob created these pop-up party bins! They are made from study cardboard, the fold flat for storage in between events, and they fit huge 30 or 33 gallon (compostable) trash bags.

We think they’re a steal at $25 each with our standard Free Shipping policy.

And, here’s an even sweeter part: You can win $100 in cold hard Paypal’ed cash!

It’s our new $100 PARTIER OF THE MONTH contest!

To Enter:  By November 5th send us some photos of you using the Pop Up Party Bins with a small review of your experience using them.

We’ll choose a winner by November 10th, publish the winning entry on our blog, and send the winner $100. It’s that simple!

Every month we’ll invite you to enter the contest with a NEW awesome Susty Party product.

It’s our way to encourage you to try and review our products (we love your feedback!) and to thank you for doing such an awesome job at creating your own sustainable parties!


Emily and Jess

Owners at Susty Party