Steve's Ice Cream

In the middle of Bryant Park is a home-brewed, delightfully-crafted, local-producer supporting, sugarcane-cup serving Ice Cream store of our dreams - Steve’s Craft Ice Cream!

In addition to the unreal tastes and impeccable decor (think ’50s ice cream soda fountain meets crispy clean modern design meets a Victorian country home!), they serve everything accompanied by… our biodegradable Susty Party tableware!

When Steve’s was launching in NYC, they specifically sought out an NYC based sustainable tableware supplier, which led them to find Susty Party! They invited us in for a meeting at their ice cream store under renovation before the first scoop was dipped. Thus, a partnership committed to local and sustainable values was born.

Recently, Emily and Jessica were lucky enough to make a “client visit” to their Bryant Park location. As the pictures may show, the amount of creative flavor sensations and ice cream creations we encountered were enough to turn us back into 8-year-old kids again!

Their values are in the right place too. They have an INCREDIBLE line of Vegan ice cream made from coconut creme. And all their flavors are made with fresh, local ingredients. Their Partners Page shows just a handful of the awesome sustainable and local companies and foodies they collaborate with and source their ingredients from.

Emily and Jessica indulged in a Red Ginger Kombucha Sorbet Float (with BK Kombucha on tap), a Salty Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich and a Spicy and Sweet Sundae with Strawberry Ricotta Ice Cream (A “refreshingly sweet and tart strawberry ice cream paired with the best ricotta in town – Salvatore BKLYN’s Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese.”)

They have one store in Bryant Park and one soon to open in Boreum Hill. But all of us Brooklynites can indulge this weekend: Steve’s is hosting FREE BEER ICE CREAM PARTY (yes, that combination of words does exist!) to launch 3 new BEER ice cream flavors in partnership with the Brooklyn brewery Six Point Craft Ale. And yes, you can also get your Susty Party on while indulging - August 13th at 61 Local in Brooklyn.

Hope to see ya at 61 Local!