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It’s our biodegradable and recycled Beer Pong Set! Featuring the same standard regulation size pong cups. But rather than being made from plastic the cups are made from biodegradable corn-based plastic! And the ping-pong balls are made from the recycled scraps of a ping-pong ball factory. (Ed Note: Yes ping-pong ball factories actually exist! Wheee!)

The folks at Daily Candy loved it so much they featured it in their Weekend Guide. To quote:

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susty party!

Party like it’s 2012.

Susty Party Ecofriendly Supplies
A successful rager is a beautiful thing. The morning after is not. Clean up responsibly with sustainable products (plates, cups, bowls, utensils) that use compostable materials.
There’s a biodegradable beer pong set ($30). Game on.
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