2 Fun Green Things in NYC 4/3/11

Two fun green things to do in NYC this weekend!

This Saturday April 30th 2011 - it’s time to get your spring on!

You can drink out of Susty Party’s sugarcane bagasse cups at the Local Food and Travel Expo at the historic clock tower in Brooklyn from 11am - 5pm! Deliciousness and entertainment will abound.


Come to the outdoor Go Green Greenpoint Earth Day Festival in McCarren Park from noon - 4pm. You can bring those pesky ELECTRONICS (so hard to get rid of!) to their e-cycling station. AND - there will be a swap station! Don’t you love swap-cycling? You bring something to swap (from clothes to household items, whatever!), and then, as their website says: “you can take as many “riches” as you can carry!”

And if this doesn’t seal the deal for ya we don’t know what will: at 1pm our favorite Bio-Pop music duo will be performing!