Tips for a Sustainable Valentine's Day

our friends at Kanon Vodka posted the below interview with us:



Jessica Holsey and Emily Doubilet of Sustainable Party


The bagasse cup, part of Sustainable Party’s Valentine’s Day party pack

Our vodka might be made with all heart, but big romantic gestures aren’t exactly our forte – unless you consider sipping on a Kanon cocktail together romantic. But February 14th still manages to come around each year to torture us with glittery hearts and over-priced bouquets. This year, however, we’ve got an alternate approach: how about saying “I love you” by going green and showing our fair environment a little more of your heart? Emily Doubilet and Jessica Holsey, from Sustainable Party are well versed on this topic, and they never sacrifice the fun while doing the best for the environment. Welcome to Kanon party logic, people. Want to become experts on having a green good time? Check out their tips for Valentine’s Day below. We actually recommend these tips all year-round.

1. Have a taste of fair-trade organic chocolate! Try one of our favorites, Raaka Chocolate. At the NYC Holiday Fair, they had a booth and served their rich hot chocolate in our bagasse biodegradable cups.

2. Give some organic fair-trade flowers! Try

3. Try artisanal and eco-friendly cards. Forget Hallmark and choose to support your local art & crafts paper and card makers! You can find cards on or try our Ellie Pooh cardset. Look for cards that are tree-free, recycled or locally made!

4. Our Valentine’s Day Party Pack with a Kanon Love potion. Our cups are all biodegradable and made from renewable materials. Don’t forget to compost!

5. Light some non-toxic eco candles! Our friends over at have a good selection to choose from. 

6. Finally, and most importantly, get some lovin’!

Cheers to that.